STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


STEM is challenge based, hands-on, practical education which aims to foster inquisitive minds,
logical reasoning and collaboration skills.


STEM education helps to bridge the ethnic and gender gaps sometimes found in math and science fields.

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STEM education not only addresses the demand for scientists and engineers, but also is a key component of responsible, global citizenship

Our Programs

Introductory demo presentation.

Introductory demo presentation (for Director, Principal, Owner, Management, Science/Math Teachers, Students, Parents- free of charge).

Pilot STEM week

Pilot STEM week (for Students - charge per student)

Year-long STEM program

Year-long STEM program knit into school time table (for Students- charge per student per month).

Teacher training and certification

Teacher training and certification at School/Center of Excellence (for Science/Math teachers- charge per teacher)



Dr. Paddy Sharma is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Business person. Her yearlong expertise and invaluable support has proven vital in executing the idea of experiential learning in USA. Dr Paddy’s outstanding commitment and dedicated service to the business and community was recognised when the proclamation of “Outstanding Georgia Citizen” was presented by the Secretary of State of Georgia in 2009. Through her prolonged contribution to the community and understanding of the need for Experiential Learning made her to lookout for creating opportunity for learners to gain exposure on their concerned domains.

She is a Doctorate from Vanderbilt University and has been an active leader in Business and contributed largely to different communities and social circles. Dr Paddy also started “FIHI Hope Foundation” a charity organization that helps young students and leads the Rotary Club of Clayton country with a notion of “Service above self”. She also has been a member of many non-profitable organization holds many key positions such as Trustee of clayton State university Foundation, Director Of Indian American cultural association.


STEM Limited Term Instructor

Executive Director of STEM InK will work to support the mission and vision of the Institute for Interdisciplinary STEM Education while creating opportunities to collaborate with all stakeholders, schools, systems, research facilities and businesses to promote Authentic Engaging STEM Interdisciplinary Knowledge World – Wide.



Dr. Greer works to develop grant collaborations around K-20 STEM Education. Collaborations consist of post-secondary faculty, school systems, business partners, and research institution across Georgia and the country. In addition, she assists with the administration of funded proposals and promotes STEM Outreach. If you are interested in partnering on a proposal, have an idea for a proposal, or would like to discuss how the Institute can work with you,


Dhanjoo Ghista is a world authority in biomedical engineering and physics, author and editor of several textbooks in subjects ranging from cardiovascular physics to economic development, and inventor of novel medical diagnostic and surgical procedures. A pioneer of research in aerospace medicine on the effect of microgravity environment on human physiology, he has now been promoting a new stem-based model of medicine for precision medicine and surgery, and the role of universities in contributing to building smart cities and sustainable community development.

Prof. Dhanjoo Ghista has an international standing in academia, education and research, having set up programs and departments at universities in responsible academic-administrative positions (from Department Head to CAO/Provost), and has even been involved in planning universities. He has a multi-disciplinary background, spanning science and engineering, medicine and health sciences, social sciences, management of cities and hospitals, governance and public administration, sports science and engineering, and education. He is a pioneer in the fields of biomedical engineering, hospital and healthcare management, democratic governance and economic development, and urban-rural sustainable community development, and is committed to the advancement of rural communities and developing countries.

Dr. Ghista has a sterling scholarly record of having published 500+ research papers and 30 books. He has taught courses in engineering, physics, biomedical engineering, medical sciences, sports science and hospital management. His research involvements and publications have been in science and engineering, biomedical engineering, medicine, cognitive science and therapy, political science, sports science, education, sustainable communities, and the role of university in society.

In projecting a visionary perspective on the role of a university in society, Prof. Ghista states: “A university is verily a laboratory for the development of a progressive society, by delineation of its ideals in all fields of human thought and endeavor, and by the development of education and research programs for imparting these ideals. A university hence needs to have a pulse of the problems challenging society and a clear delineation of its role in cultivating the requisite solutions for its progress.”


Dr Saibaba Arcot has been a long standing Life Science Educator, with 30 years of classroom experience. Dr Arcot is a CDC trained science ambassador, spreading good word of public health in the community. Currently he is the only educator in USA teaching EPIDEMIOLOGY to high school seniors. He earned his Ph.D in botany from Osmania University, India 1990, his research papers were published in American, German and Indian Science journals. He also wrote two textbooks on Biology in India, with a readership of hundred thousand students.

On the Philanthropic side, he is currently working on a free public library project for South Asians on a public private partnership. Impressed with President Obama’s STEM Vision, Dr Arcot along with Dr. Paddy Sharma mooted the idea of STEM education into underdeveloped third world countries. His focus is on project and inquiry based learning to make students a true global citizen to face the ever challenging scientific community

Dr. Cynthia A . Bricston

Cynthia A. Bricston – Regional Superintendent, DeKalb County Schools, Georgia, USA

Cynthia Bricston Has Donned Various Roles Over The Years In The Field Of Education In The US. She Leads In Alignment Of Curriculum And Instruction With Standards, Training And Evaluation. She Has Developed And Utilized Community Resources/Liaisons To Enrich The School Community. She Is Also An Adept User Of Data Analysis To Improve Student Achievement. Her Other Proficiencies Include Creating Teacher Evaluations To Embed Competency In Diversity And Technology To Achieve Objectives And Mission Of The

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw 

Chairperson and Managing Director of Biocon,

Recipient of the Padma Bhusan 

Ms. Shaw Heads India’s Leading Bio Pharmaceutical Enterprise, Biocon. Named Among TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People In The World, She Is Globally Regarded As A Successful And Leading Technocrat. She Has Been A Pioneering Force In The World Of Biotechnology. In Recognition Of Her Efforts Towards The Progress Of Science She Has Been Honored With Numerous International And National Awards, Including The Padma Bhusan, India’s Highest Civilian Award. Ms. Shaw Is A Part Of The Prime Minister’s Council On Trade & Industry In India And The US-India CEO Forum, Besides Various Other Prestigious Trade Bodies.

Michael Glanton 

Democratic member of the Georgia House of Representatives,

District 75, USA

Mike Glanton Has Proven He Can Deliver Results To The Community. He Is Actively Involved On School Committees, The Clayton County Chamber Of Commerce And Clayton County Economic Development Initiatives. Mike Continues To Work Hard To See That Children Receive The Best Educational Opportunities Possible. He Is Also A Proponent For Additional State Spending To Support Our Schools. He Believes That Our Success And Growth Is Connected To Our Higher Education Programs.


Technical Coordinator

Mr.Nityanand Aelgani is a Math Educator with 17 years of International Teaching experience. He earned his Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Science from Osmania University, India, Worked as College Principal in Hyderabad India and also as a Curriculum Coordinator in Public Schools in USA. He is a STEM Certified Educator.